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Issue 1+2 / 2010

FleRu – Flexible tubular braiding machine to manufacture stents

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Revolutionary Technology. Right from the start.

For over 100 years, the name Bossert + Kast has been a constant amongst the manufacturers of handmade necklaces to the highest perfection. In the early nineties, it was possible to introduce manufacturing methods to the jewellery industry, previously only known to the textile industry. The brands Cascade®, Chalif® and Cocoon® are successful examples of how new ideas can ripen to become established products. At the root of these innovative products are hair thin metal wires, which are woven as if they were threads in the textile industry.

With the know-how gained processing the thinnest wire, Bossert + Kast were soon able to break in to new markets: where ever fine tubes need to be protected either inside or out, fine braids from Bossert + Kast find an application. The next step was to develop a method to manufacture endless coils (patent issued 2005) as well as a patent for the protective tubing SensoBo®.

With the same accuracy, this know-how has been extended over the years to include the materials stainless steel, tungsten, Nitinol and alloys which can all be processed to become protective or supporting braids. Typical fields of use are in medical technology and industrial applications. In other words:  Bossert + Kast offer intelligent solutions and sufficient leeway for a whole range of fantasy. 



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