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Issue 1+2 / 2010

FleRu – Flexible tubular braiding machine to manufacture stents

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Secure Protection - for Sensitive Applications.


Typical Applications:

  • Endoscopic tubing
  • Fibre optic light guide
  • Protective tubing



SensoBo® is a cost effective system to protect tubing, endless coils are strengthened with braids and are mainly used in endoscopy and laser technology. The tubes consist of an endless coil covered with hollow braid made from the finest wire, on the outside a protective polymer coating is applied ensuring mechanical protection from tension and compression.

Complementing the favourably low manufacturing cost, SensoBo® offers the advantage of minimal dimensions, this is particularly important in medical endoscopy where the demand is for thinner and thinner endoscopic tubing. 

Endless Coils

Endless coils are used in numerous industrial applications; they protect tubes from mechanical influences as far as tension and compression are concerned. Patented manufacturing techniques allow endless springs as well as flat strip (up to 10mm wide) and round wire (diameter 0,50mm to 5mm) to be made in to a variety of springs, in long lengths up to 15mm.




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