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Issue 1+2 / 2010

FleRu – Flexible tubular braiding machine to manufacture stents

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Infinite variety. Highest efficiency.

Ground breaking technology is at the core of this development, which allows braid to be automatically woven in every imaginable form and in a cost effective process.

All types of materials like: stainless steel, tungsten, Nitinol or alloyed metal and even plastics, can be woven in to completely different constructions crossed over at various angles. In the course of the braiding process, the cross-over cycle, the torque of the braid, the introduction of seams can be quickly and effectively varied; even the diameter can be increased or decreased.

  • Continuously variable diameter
  • Torque variations within one braiding cycle
  • Changing the rhythm of cross-overs
  • Vary end finishing
  • Flexible number of spools
  • Continual feed of mandrels for braiding
  • Integration of seams in the braid
  • Wire diameters from 0,02 – 0,2 mm

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